Pryde’s Old Westport

Everyone has a happy place. Mine is Pryde’s.


Pryde’s Old Westport is a family-owned kitchen and home accessory store in Kansas City, Missouri dating back to the 60’s. The historic store sell just about anything you need for your kitchen – from sponges to knives, baking pans, towels etc. – and is housed in a creaky two-story brick building that exudes charm.

The holidays are my favorite time to peruse the store. Despite the over-crowded aisles and busy shoppers, the store gives me an odd sense of comfort. My routine is to arrive around 1 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, accept a free hot tea from a friendly salesperson, and munch on a cookie from The Upper Crust Bakery (hidden in the back of the store) as I roam from pots & pans, to placemats, and cookbooks. I usually only walk out with one or two small kitchen gadgets, but that hour to myself is way too underrated.

prydes1    prydes2

Locally-owned stores have become a rarity, and it’s easy to favor ease over quality. I fall for it every year – giving profits to a chain brand rather that supporting entrepreneurs in our community. I’m not great at keeping resolutions, but if there is anything i’d like to challenge myself with in 2015, it’s to be more mindful where I spend my money.

And to eat more cookies.


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