cheese & ice cream

Did I have you drooling with the post title? If not, you will when you see what kind of cheese and ice cream i’m talking about.

Exhibit A: Fervere‘s Cheese Slipper

During the summer, a local bread bakery dishes up what they call, “cheese slippers,” each Saturday night. Doors open at 6 p.m., but die-hard fans start lining up way beforehand to make sure they get their hands on these. This is a Kansas City bucket list item. Just do it. Thank me later.



Exhibit B: Glace Artisan Ice Cream

Glace Ice Cream is a Christopher Elbow venture, KC’s premier chocolate maker. Using only the freshest, natural ingredients, Elbow creates the most delicious, unique flavors known to man. Chocolate covered potato chip? Check. Goat cheese and fig? Check. Caramelized pineapple? CHECK. #treatyoself



You might be asking yourself, is it safe to consume that many carbs/dairy/fat in one night? My only answer is you just have try it to find out.


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